Sunday, February 12, 2012

Loved Whitney

Late yesterday i found out she has passed away.  Sooo sad.  So young.  And i know like so many others, drugs and alcohol had been a major part of her life.  And that's sad too.  Why do the super stars need those crutches?  Last time i had seen her was on Oprah,,and i thot it was a year ago.  Found out today, it was in 09.

Made it to HEB yesterday, late.  Got a big load of groceries, my once a month shopping.  Stopped and ate out at the lake,,where my g/dotter works, and gosh,,it was getting COLD.  Not like this morning tho.  Been cold since i got home, seems like.  Bed was warm, but i was up and down most of the nite.  Not much sleep.  I got a kid's choice off the menu, a cheese enchilada, with green sauce,,chili con queso on the side, with pico in it.  And then,, just ate about 1/2, brought the rest home.  My feet kept hurting during the nite, even tho i took an aleve.  Well, this morning i saw why.  I hadn't taken the med for them.  Can't believe that one dose does that.

Snow flurries?,,,,Sleet?,,,not yet.  It's a maybe tho.

O yeah.  The 6 year old boy that the lion drug off, is back in the hospital, they think an infection.  Well,,,DUH.  Still don't know how to add a link here, but the paper i read is:   Since i can't seem to make it clickable, you can copy and paste it.  And i know about using "link" above.  It's not what i used to do.  Lot of trouble if you ask me...

Not much in plans today.  Need to do more research on the river thing.  I'm still getting a few signatures every day.  Yall tc, and