Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just Flat Forgot

Yep, i did.   Just totally forgot to do this today, til i was on the way to Kingsland HEB, grocery shopping.  Didn't need much, but,,,one of those things,,pays to go there, rather than do it here.  Filled my car up, which i do when it gets down to 1/2 a tank, that way i can always get in and go.  When i got back, just had 3 bags, nothing heavy, and headed in, and oops, dropped one bag,,,right on my walk.  lololol,,,o yeah,  the one with the eggs.  Thot i got by with just breaking one, but on closer look, there were 3.  Put them in a bowl and covered them, will use them first.  That store was packed!  I had to LMAO when i turned up one aisle, and there were 2 birds eating bird seed on the floor..hahahaha.  They knew where to find it!  I know they fly in the doors, and can't get out, but still, it was neat.  I told a little girl and she got all excited, and wanted to go look, even tho they were in the check out.  She'll look from now on. lololol.  Only thing i didn't find were light bulbs, and was no problem.  I'm not out, but just have one more left.  The little curly ones,,60W.  My son said he hates them, takes too long to get bright, so he was stocking up on the others, thinking they weren't gonna make em any more, then,,,,a couple of days ago, they changed their minds, now they're NOT.

Ok,,that's it,,,folks,,wondered how i had so much time earlier. hahahaha,,,