Thursday, August 21, 2014

New State Park

The Powderhorn Ranch has been bought for using as a state park.  It's located on the Gulf coast, between Pt Lavaca and Pt O'conner, and it's over 17,000 acres.  It's the last tract of unaltered land there.  The article doesn't say when it will open.  Article original from Houston Chronicle.  Love it,.

Got up Monday feeling so bad, i called to see a doctor, but there were no openings... even with the 5 or 7 there.  Thot, if i have to i'll go to the ER.  Tuesday i was too bad to do it, but Wed. i got in at 10:45 with a PA that i really like.  Told her i thot i had pneumonia and with an xray, showed some.  I had been checking my O2 all the time, and that morning it was 85! but went up to 90.  When i had the BAD case, i bought that little finger thing, lol.  I asked her for a shot to start, knowing it takes 24 hours for pills to take affect, and now, this Thurs. AM, i am better.  At least my breathing is better.

My son's appointment to see the neurosurgeon is on the 4th.  He can't wait,, wants the surgery NOW.. After the 5 he's had, he knows it's instant relief, no pain..(BB..)  He's been hoping to catch a cancellation.  He's so glad this is all in Austin now, like home. Even tho it's 75 miles.  It locks up on him and it's hard to get it to release.

We had a little rain, again.  Cooler too for a couple of days early this week.  Then one day it sat on the West city limits all day and night,,,lol.  August is soooo near gone.

That's all i've got, yall, so tc, and