Friday, June 28, 2013

Not Good

No easy fix for me.  I'm to see Js spine doc,,,lol.   In 2 weeks.  I was so hoping I could get something done today.  He did tell me it's not bursitis, and thinks it's in the lower spine, why I have to see the spine doc.  Meanwhile, i'm going to get therapy, and maybe that will help some, until we know exactly what I have to do.

I woke up last nite just before 3, hurting, and could never get into a position where I didn't, after that.  I finally went to my chair, kicked back, and dozed for another hour.

We got back about 1;30, so I had a nap.  lol, need another one.

TV sucks!! At this time of year.  I haven't even found  any movies to record.  Watched one last nite even tho after a couple of minutes, knew I had seen it before.  Then, most of the ones I've recorded, I've seen too.

Well, yall tc, and