Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pork Ribs, Anyone?

I'm trying to remember to stand up about once an hour.  Even walked a little yesterday, out at the park.  Will try to increase more as time goes on.  The way they were explaining it, you just had to stand up, moving not neccessary. 

Got an appointment on the 17th, in Austin, (hate that thot), to see the lap band doc.  Might be my last time.  Gonna talk to him about how filling it back to the right place will work, doing it slower.  Won't it still have the same effect when it gets there?  I can't do that.  Guess i'll find out.  Am i gonna be the one it just won't ever work on?,,,Horrible, to think of all i've been thru, and might not work with me.  It's been a little over 2 years now, counting the months of classes i had to go to.  Think i might get on the Biggest Loser??? hahahahaha

There's just not much of a choice on eating places here.  Fast food, bar b q, make up the most.  The one place i called has started closing on Sat. PMs!!!!  Unreal.  They have a fantastic chicken fried steak.  I can get the kid size, with a baked potato.  But,,no,,not today.   Then, the Pizza Hut left me holding too long, so i hung up.  Then when i called back,,twice!!, they wouldn't answer.  Ok, by now, 2 down.  Next?,,,Let's see,,,,,hmmmm,,,really getting hungry now.  Ok,, just gonna go by and get a couple of those pork ribs, way expensive,,but 2 makes me 2 meals,,at Coopers.  And that's how it worked,,The 2 ribs were almost 10.00, but you get the fixings with em.  I had potato salad of course.  And i have a meal for today.

Must be getting colder out there.  Sitting here feels like it.  O yeah,,,about my heater.  I think it was just the pilot lite, that went out when i walked by.  There was no smell of gas at that time, then in just a couple of minutes, i smelled it.  Gives me an instant headache.  When i relit it, there wasn't any sonic boom,,,lol.  It's been ok since then, too.  I've kept my eyes on it. 

Just got up and moved a bit, lol.

TYTYTY Ol Jules,,Turned the sound off, but watched the whole thing of Elvis.  Still love to watch his old movies, just to look at him..hahahahahaha,,Never get too old.....He was my man,,ummmmmhmmmm.  When he first was on the Ed Sullivan show,,all the neighbor kids came to our house to watch him.  We were the only ones with a tv.   I think my mom even wanted to squeal hahahahaha.  I was maybe 14.  Already into that good ol R&R.  Still am, as a matter of fact. 

Hey, yall tc, now, and