Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Am What I Am

Was reading a couple of days ago, about wearing reading glasses, and using neck chains to keep them near.  I would hate that.  Having a pair of glasses hanging around my neck, swinging around in my way every time i moved! NO WAY.  But,,(always a "but") lol, I'm really near sighted, and had to start wearing glasses ALL THE TIME,,well, if i wanted to see, when i was 14.  I put those things on, and never took em off, except for bed.  First thing on, last thing off.  One day, in English class, a neighbor boy made what he thot of as a disparaging comment,,,that the only reason i wore them was because they made me look better,,... hahahahaha.  It had come out wrong,,for what he was trying to say.   I had never given it a thot about what i looked like, didn't matter, i COULD SEE!  But gosh, my Mom sure did.  I walked in one day, and caught her jerking her reading glasses off, like OMG,,she caught me in glasses!!  Good thing i could just let that slide, her attitude about glasses.  In fact, i thot it was kinda funny.

 Back then, the cat eye frames were all the rage, too.  (Just about back to those now).  I had decided by the time i was 14, wasn't gonna let other's comments or actions, influence ME, by golly!  I am what i am, you get what you see, and don't ever! try to change me.  lol,,,my rule for life.

 Really got off that by getting married, at 16, and, you make your bed, you lie in it, for 26 years.  Not saying he's not a good person, just that WE didn't mix well.  We get along better now than we ever did.  Well, for most of those years, i just kept my mouth shut,  around him. 

I just remembered to rub my wrist with vinegar.  It's been hurting for about a week, everything irritating it.  My Mom used that on her joints and she was a nurse!  lololol. Does anybody have a better idea?,, I think i need to wear my brace, but gosh i hate to do that.  Seems worse this year.

I had to quit my book last nite, with about 10 pages left.  My eyes quit working lol, wanted to shut.  As soon as i finish this, gonna finish it.  When i take 2 of them back today, gonna get 2 more.  Then i won't have to mess with it, til next year,,,o wow..almost 2012!

I tried taking pics of my Christmas tree, but, with the revolving lites, just didn't work.  Actually, just one lite, that goes thru the colors and they show on the tree at the end of the little thingys.

Rain Rain,,,wooohooo..... love it.  Bring it on.  I'll put my cd of a fireplace on, and read.  That sound good?  Think that's where i'm heading right now....yall tc, and