Thursday, February 2, 2012

All Duckies,,Not in a Row


Never tried fishing like THAT!  Well, getting there to do it,,,


Jojo, these are the little ducks, hope somebody can identify them,,,I can’t find them in my bird book.  I watched a long time yesterday, and was close, but I never saw the one that was crippled the day before.  Sooo hope it got ok.  It never put it’s foot down at all, the day before.  Hopped on one, but seemed to swim ok.

Both bros came by this morning, so this is gonna be short.  Also, it was after 3 am before I went to sleep last nite.  Think that calls for a nap!

Need to do a little research on “applied” right of way, here in TX.  It’s kinda  like a grandfather clause.  If a trail, road, whatever, has been in use for a long time, no one can shut it off, even the property owner.  Was told it held up in most cases when someone tried to shut off one.  That would definitely help us,,,  Bro G has almost 100 signatures,,, and I found 2 men that are gonna be tremendous help.  I’m going by and talk to a former city councilwoman that loves to buck the system, and see if we can get her on our side. 

Ok gone for today,,yall tc, and