Friday, July 22, 2011

River Flow NOT Good Today

When it gets to 10 AM, my TV goes OFF!!,,,This silence is so much better than anything on any of the channels on that thing.  Local news comes on at 11, so that i will have on, but right now,,,quiet.

Our river flow is just not good today, J=43 M=28 L=3.  Mercy!!  Gonna quit running here.  I'm not watering anything (horrible) but the little i can do once a week, is gonna end anyway, so i'm just letting nature take it's course.  What makes it, makes it.  Can't understand, tho, why this one huge hackberry tree in the front, is 1/2 gone.  None of the others even look stressed.  I have them all around, and it's the only one not looking good.  Have one small chinaberry back behind my storage shed, never has had a drop of water added to it, and it's thriving.  Just no explanation.  What really burns everybody up, is the school is still watering the athletic fields, GRASS!!!, and here we are having to let trees die.  Also the gold course,,GRASS!!!  Have to admit tho, it's just the greens.  The school says they're using well water, but when the wells dry up, they expect to use city water.  Might have to play football on dead grass. OOOO poor boys.  Or play in other towns.  WTH cares????  NOT ME.  I'm losing TREES.  That's the way people feel that i talk to.

OK, off that subject. 

I've quit eating breakfast.  Not hungry anyway, and when i get that way, about lunch time, i eat lunch.  Brunch, whatever.  Have leftovers today, the beef tips.  And some potato salad.  lololol,,,can u tell i'm getting hungry?  Also, i take my hand full of pills after i eat, and that way i don't feel so stopped up.  I had to change to things i can chew, dissolve in water, or cut smaller.  NO capsules.  About half are vitamins.  Like a daily vitamin, calcium, B-12, D3.  My bones were excellent, and i wanna keep em that way.  Never had a broken one, have had dislocations, but no broken ones.  Worst dislocation was my elbow.  OUCH.  Fell doing a turn playing softball.  Had to wait hours to get it set back.  So it took a lot longer to heal.  Had a black arm from the shoulder to end of my fingers. lololol.  Was told that was worse than a break, and i think so. 

No plans, as usual, for the weekend.  Like things spur of the moment.  Like when i travel, do it in no hurry, take side roads, just whatever hits ur  fancy.  My older bro leaves in the wee hours (for some ungodly reason) goes straight to destination in a hurry to get there.  lol, gotta tell ya about a family reunion going on, way back when they lived in Austin.  We were all going, up by Paris, but didn't have any set time to leave.  We got up near Waco on I35, and o wow, guess who we drove up behind? hahahahaha ,,,We had not discussed it with them at all.  We honked as we passed. hahahahaha.

 One time, had BF and g/dotter with me, going to Sherman for one, and he was supposed to tell me how to get thru Dallas,  WELLLLL, i could've made it fine on my own, but he wasn't paying attention and we missed the turn.  So, he's taking us all the way around on the loop to get back to going N, and when i realized how dam far that was, i threw the map back to my 10 year old g/dotter and told her to find me a short cut.  AND, she did!!, Found where we were, told me where to turn ahead, and where to go back to the place i needed to be.  My son had taught her how to drive, how to read maps, how to do all kinds of things by then.  Held my breath one time when i looked out and she was driving his 3 wheeler all alone on it, when she was 6!!!  He was right there, but,,,,,

Hey, it's TGIF, so yall HAGD