Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Late Today

I'm still laughing over my imagination of BB driving around a Walmart in one of those electric carts!!! Don't blame his son for telling him he wasn't gonna be with him any more....hahahaha

My bro G came by this morning and we got this river stuff ready to start getting signatures on. I also talked to our game warden yesterday, and he said he did know about it, but understood that the gate was going to be way on down by the railroad tracks. Said he would go by when he was back here, and get back to me. My phone line kept cutting me off and on yesterday after the rain started, and when the repairman came by today, (problem was on the pole) he was even shocked about that gate. Said he even used that street to take his kids to the river. And he will be glad to sign our petition. Everybody has said that too. The friend on the city council called this morning, asking how we were doing on it, and when we wanted to get on the agenda with it. Also, asking how she could help.

Just saw on the weather, how bad Houston is getting it right now. wooooohoooo,,DD,,gonna get that swamp full YET! It started here about 1';30, i was awake,,bad wind, then later the rain. lololol,,,we got a total of .54! Always that way. Maybe a little more coming tonite.

I ordered some pants, online of course, and just don't know HOW i managed to get the size of 2 wrong!! How can you do that? Makes NO sense to me. Anyway, i sacked them back up, went to the post office to get them sent back and,,,WHEN did the postage go up so high? Cost 8;05 for just 2!!! Way back when, woulda been about 4;00. Is that the way they're gonna use to stay in business? lololol. At least i won't have to pay postage on the exchanges coming back to me. Which made no sense either, but i asked several times,,to be sure.

*&^%^%#! it!,,,set my vcr to record Idol last nite, and did it wrong! Hate when i do that. I've watched some shows later online, maybe i can find this. Looked for the one on Sunday nite, but never found it, so missed it too. And,,i would turn my tv off if i couldn't get something besides Obama. When i see a blog doing politics, it's OFF for me! Who the hell cares what their opinion is??? Got mine, yours won't change it, soo,,,won't listen,,or read.

OK,,enough of that,,,lolololo,,yall tc, and