Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dumb Doctors

Like DD, not much going on besides doing appointments.  Have to go have my toe checked today, n make a stop at walmart. 

Wow, found out why my lap band hasnt ever worked.  DAMMMMMM.  A whole year wasted!!!!  My new Doc, after checking the fill level again,  NOT 5cc, like supposed to be,,was 1cc!!!, the dam thing has been leaking from the port for no telling how long!!!  The stupid Doc in Round Rock had never done that, had just kept blaming ME for not doing things.  Like counting calories, exercising,,etc, even tho i had told her for months, that the fills had done nothing n had had the lap band because diets had never worked.  Why was she telling me to diet???   It was NEVER ME,,,,it was HER. But its made me lose a whole year!!,,,I told him that all those docs owed me an apology.  Now i have to have a day surgery thing to replace the port!!  OMG,,,Just have kept thinking about the wasted year.  Cant think right now about finally knowing what the problem is.  And u know what, right now im not gonna think about it at all!!

Not leaving til after lunch today.  Appointment is at 1;45.  Going to that first, then walmart.  Just a few things on my list.  Main thing is exchanging that sevin dust granules for dust.  Then just 2 r 3 more things to grab, then outa there.  Will pick up something for supper, not sure what, yet.  Finished off my Red Lobster plate for supper yesterday. 

Well, finally got my 2 prescriptions delivered, so dont have to wait on that any more.  They r building an huge new store that will have a drive thru.  lol think i wrote about that earlier.  I have my license to have memory lapses,,,lololol. 

Yall tc,,