Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ramblings today

I guess, as usual, Mondays wear me out, dont get this done when i get home, after doing the respite thing.  Yesterday, i plopped down in my chair, kicked back, and napped for about 30 mins.   Nothing gets done after lunch time, was always this way.  If it wasnt done in the morning, it just wasnt done.  Even when i had to get to work by 8 am, i got most housework done before i left, could buzz thru in record time, lol.  Those jobs, bookkeeping and insurance clerk, were desk jobs, so i could fake it when i had to.  After my first divorce, when i started going out on wed, ladies nite at the club, fri, and sat, i had to do a lot of faking it.  Now, that doesnt mean i didnt get my work done, cause i always did that.  And i always was there on time too.  Later, when i got into home health care, my favorite of all, i could take my time getting there, the ladies understood.  i was there with them 5 days a week, so everything got done, no matter what.  there were 3 r 4 a day to divide my time with.  Later, when i went back as a special attendant, i did a lot of driving, but was paid mileage and driving time.  i drove to different places every day, over a 3 county area, and sometimes, even more than that. 

During those years, for a few months, i had to see a man that weighed 600 lbs!!!, had to give him a bed bath, but he had bars to hold and could turn himself over.  the health agency i worked for finally found a nursing home that could handle him and he was put into it, but by then he had gained up to around 700 lbs.  hed ask me to go pick him up a bag of burgers n fries, saying it was for him and his 2 nieces living close by, but u knew it was all for him.  was nothing i could do and my supervisors agreed.   A nurse came by every day and dressed the wounds on his legs caused by his weight.  Our dear old government supported him for being overweight!!!!  there were lots that did deserve help, but then there were lots that i consider a total rip off. and YES,,,,,,,, needs fixing!!!!!!

Was sent by to see one that lived about 2 blocks from me, and i noticed her papers still in the yard, and mail still in the box.  she didnt lock her doors, so i opened it and called out, and her son was in a chair and started twisting and turning, had md really bad.  i could hear her, and went that way,  found her laying on the floor in the bath room.  OMG,,, had been there 2 r 3 days, son trapped in chair.  her older son lived a block away, drove by every day and DIDNT EVEN CHECK ON HER.  i had seen that he was home, so i called and he came, but couldnt get her up, ended up calling ems, and while that was going on, i fed the son, then bathed and cleaned him up while they took care of her.  she was in the hospital 2 weeks, then went into a nursing home, and her son too,  in another town where her dotter worked in it.  she was getting alzheimers too, and cooked him the same thing every meal, and when i checked her refrigerator, lots of ruined chicken she would use sometimes.  gosh, still makes me want to cry.  her son could see the lite on in the house, the papers laying out there.   just cant imagine a thing like that.  when my mom  got bad, was living alone, there were 5 of us, and each one of us went by every day, at different times, to help and take care of her.  when she did go into the nursing home, her choice, she lasted about 2 weeks, but we all still went by every day. 

lolol nearly noon and i havent even got dressed.  robe feels good, still kinda cool in the mornings.  got all day.

got my raid sitting by my back door,  saw yellow jackets building a nest out by my car.   just waiting to sting me.  gotta wait til dark tho, wanna get every ONE OF THEM.  seems to be more of em this year.  do yall think so too?

gonna close up and find something to eat.   might just make some oatmeal with raisens.   

yall tc