Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is it Monday?

Hmmm,,nope.  I went out to the park yesterday and waited for that front.  Sure enough,,it did cloud up, even thundered a little, and then the wind hit.  LOLOLOL,,had to move, those little oak tree leaves were like snow coming into my window.  It had been hot and still, til that wind hit.  I had done my little bit of walking before then, tho.  It did actually rain a little bit.  Not enough to measure,,,went by to the South and on to the West where they got good rains.  Didn't seem to bother those geese at all...

Haven't seen J since last Wed, but he called and is bringing a breakfast taco.  Sounded good today.  Mine are egg, bacon, potato, and cheese...His are made with chicken, onion, green pepper, cilantro, and are really good too, and filled so much he takes over half off and makes another one.

I got my Christmas shopping done over the weekend,,,lol,,,,Ordered them.  Got the three i buy for, the same thing.  An Admiral FitzRoy's storm glass.  Got this little catalog, called Bits and Pieces, and it has some of the neatest things in it.  A long time ago, i gave J this clock,,,had ball bearings that would roll down a chute each minute, then every hour, they would all fall and start over...,.,hahahahaha,,,Didn't take him long to move that thing out of his room,,,lolololol.  Never knew what happened to it,,just another thing that disappeared over the years.  WELL,,,for the first time since then,,there is one in this little catalog!!!  Gonna show him,,,when he gets here.  NOT gonna buy another one....

No plans for today, well, i will finish my book, don't have much and hated to put it down last nite.  I read during commercials,,lol.

Yall tc, and