Friday, June 13, 2014

How Do I Get So Behind?

I've had a lot going on, lately, and just haven't taken the time to post.  Sometimes it's hard to take the time to just read them. lol.

I've had doctor visits,,, meeting my new one, getting some blood tests done, (all fine), to see what she can do with my high calcium.  Got a message yesterday to come in next week, and we'll talk about that.  I will see the specialist in Sept, and she has been in contact with her.  NOT going to Round Rock, she will be just down hwy 71 then.

Then, had to go yesterday with my wrist,,, hurting all the time.  Had a choice of surgery or another injection to see if it would work.  Chose the injection.  It will take a few days to work.  I had gotten to where i could just barely use my hand.... starting the car was a Major accomplishment....

Speaking of car,,, Just put that starter on, and then my driver's side window quit on me.  And, it's the motor,,,died.  He got it up, til he can get a new one.  As old as it is, had to order from another place, cost more.  I was hoping my son had one laying around, but he didn't.  Gonna be just under 200.00

When it rains it pours, right?  YES,,, the large AC in the front of my house, died too.  It was just under the 5 year warranty, BUT,, that meant NOTHING.  You trash em, get a new one... just like the TVs did.
I got a smaller one, 12000 btu, 110v, used my brother's discount at Buttery's, and his youngest son and my other bro put it in for me that day.  Went ahead and put it in the window, left the big 220 one in the wall, too hard to fill in around a smaller one.  I'll take it out for the winter, the little one.  That little thing cools just fine, and it's so quiet i'm not even sure it's running when the tv is on.  Love that.  It also is an Energy Saver, will cut off fan and compressor.  The little 5000 btu i have in my dining room, is the coolingest, hi speed blowing you ever saw.  It would almost cool the front too.  Why i went ahead with the smaller one there.  But, so loud.  And runs all the time.

Did we have some storms last night???   O boy, did we.  We got about an inch of rain, but 15 miles E, someone said 3 1/2" in an hour there.  I did hear about flooded streets, a tornado around,,,small hail, trees down.   Jude hid in the house, lol.  I just went to bed and left him, but,, heard him about 1am wanting out.... Need one of those thundercollars,,, maybe lol.

Gas going up, food way up, coffee, (im stocking up,,,,) good thing i'm cutting down.  My blood sugar keeps being way high so gonna try the diabetic diet more.  With the pills i've taken, it never mattered.  I have craved sugar, gonna have to do sugar free stuff,,,grrrr.

Well, almost lunch time, got part of a rabbit cooking,,, friend gave me one... Love them.  I'm cooking it like i do chicken, baked, brushed with a little oil and seasonings.  One time my Dad decided to raise them to eat,,,BUT none of us would eat those.  hahahahaha.  It's fine when they come from another place.

Yall tc, and