Friday, December 16, 2011

Vinegar Works,,Well, I Think So

OK first thing,,i think that vinegar has really helped!,,My wrist and hand aren't hurting near as much.  I'm still putting it on, rubbing it in, and really don't care if i smell like it or not.  It's helping!  The smell goes away as soon as it drys, just checked.

That X Factor is down to the 3 i picked, but,,,i'm not even gonna vote next week!  How can i ever decide, they are sooo good.  And, i watched that 2nd 1/2 of Bag of Bones,,that i had to record.  I used to love to read Stephen King, but not much any more.  So,, don't think there will be any more movies either.

I've been sorta busy today.  First thing, my phone rang at 7;30, woke me up, but i didn't even answer, went back to sleep.  Then, i did remember to use that other 1/2 of my cabbage and made the casserole.  Also, decided to change my sheets, which i do over time.  I leave it, and go back.  Wished i had someone to help me turn my mattress, but,,decided,,later on that.  Does anybody remember what i used that first 1/2 of that cabbage for? hahahaha,,,  Ok,,gonna give you the recipe..
Boil cabbage with butter (about 7 or 8 mins)
Cook potatoes (enough to kinda equal the cabbage), in a bit of oil, with lots of onion, seasonings,        over  low heat, til soft and done. 
Add bite size sausage to skillet til hot.
Add all together,,,TADA  there you have it!!

The potatoes i'm cooking for Christmas, you cut into chunks, (about an inch size)  boil with onion.  Don't use much water, don't want too much later.  If so, pour some off.  Kinda overcook them, add butter, little bit of milk, then stir til mushy.  You want chunks left.  Add whatever seasoning you like...ummm ummm good.

Reading rvsue today,, heck, the first place i stop when i'm grocery shopping here, is the $Store.  They have so much in that dept. that is so much better priced than the grocery.  And, that's where i got my little tree, which i love!  Wouldn't have one, otherwise.  I've used it for several years, and even got my g/dotter one at 1/2 price after Christmas,,a whole $5.00.  So Sue, if you read this, maybe you've never had them around, but they are a good place to shop.  Can't do a pic of the tree, but here's the box. 

I give up, on moving them up.   The pics of the tree are blurry, because the thingy in the bottom turns all the time, changing the colors of the lites. 

I changed batteries in my camera, and didn't change the date and time,,gotta do that.
Ok, thru here, going to eat that gooooood casserole over there.  Yall tc, and,,,HAGD