Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rambling On Again

DD, u must owe someone big time, to work on ur vacation.  Then again, what kind of person would ask u to?  Never did get that video to load, about the damage at the park ur in.  HJ keeps rubbing it in, about the rain he's getting down there!!  So maybe u got it too.  Maybe ur swamp is flooding, hahahaha.

Our lakes here have just about quit getting any inflow.  We haven't gotten any of that flow from upriver either.  Today's readings are J=43 M=34 L=4.  This is the website i use for river flow, just in case some of u want to look at the central Tx area.

lol, You can't believe how fast i can change channels if a soap comes on.  Just had to do that.  Me, for one, will be SOOO glad when those 2 are taken off.  Anything,, and i mean anything, is better.  Working in the homes of the disabled was never a problem.  They would always turn their TVs off when i was there. 

Got my hair cut when i was in Marble Falls and it stills scares me when i look in a mirror. hahahahaha,,,really really short.  Almost shaved on sides, spiked on top.  She cut it a little too much on the top, but it grows fast. 

I was telling N yesterday, about when the river dried up, back in the 50s, how 2 of the neighbor boys kept bringing home huge catfish they got out of the few pools left.  She said SHE wasn't gonna go look under those rocks,,,so snake infested now. lololol,,,Even the snakes are hunting water.  Lots and lots more than normal now.  At the river, i mean.  AND, she went down to her garden 2 days ago, and coming back, saw some huge cat prints.  Cougar prints.  Then she saw more yesterday morning, coming up from the river direction and around her house.  The 2 big dogs are in a pen at the back, and i'm sure they were throwing a fit.  She's seen them around before.  You just never know what u will see, on the river.  Even things that are not normal for here.  We saw a half grown black one one time, and the game warden said they passed thru at certain times.  My hubby told the hunters they better NOT shoot it.  It hung around for a few days, then was gone.  Out there where the ranch was, there was a colony of ground squirrels.  I had never seen any.  Also, we saw swamp rabbits, partridges. and drunk gophers.  hahahahaha,,,See an earlier blog about that.  Love things like that.  I'm a total nature lover.  And i still miss the 2 roadrunners that lived around here for the first 5 years i was here.  Crazy birds. lol  Probably one of those mountain lions found them.  They nested in a neighbor's yard. (tree) 

Have yall ever realized how much info the companies like Google collect about you, just from one click?  Big Bro always watching u.  There is an article in the paper today.  Way back, Hank Jr had a song about that.  lol, i looked up something i was thinking about ordering, and wow, now i see ads everywhere about this thing.  More power to em, if they get anything from watching me. hahahahah  I'm an open book, nothing to hide.