Monday, April 25, 2011

Unexcused Absences

Well, hes back, and with an unexcused absence.  I told him off, too.  All these bloggers have responsibilities,,,u know.  U dont just leave, without a note.   Especially the daily ones.  Yall do know, im talking about DD, dont ya?  He didnt break down at the end of his drive, he didnt get lost in his swamp, he just plain ol didnt post!!!!

I got up too early, 8 am,,and still dragging here.  Havent even washed my dishes yet.  Takes me a while to get my go up.  Looked out a window and just couldnt believe it was raining, well,,,what u might call rain,,,actually, just a heavy drizzle.  But, well take it,,its wet.  Had to look out another one, just to be sure. lololol   Might have to have my yard mowed twice, this year.  N swears its gonna start raining the end of this month, and then on thru May.  River got up on 1 of its largest rises, in june, 1 year. 

OOO,,,im not doing respite today, why im here.  Have to go to MF tomorrow and get the root of this toenail taken off on the side.  Doc says it will cure the problem forever.  Dont know if i believe that r not, hes the one caused it in the first place.  Over 1 1/2 years ago,,first time i went to him.  Gotta try something tho, tired of messing with it, off n on, all the time.  (That make any sense?)  Anyhow,,respite makes me way too tired to function the next day, why i didnt do it today.  Need a few things from Walmart, (we dont have 1),,,so ill be gone most of the day.  JUST IN CASE I CANT POST TOMORROW.  lololol  Did yall know u cant get sevin dust any more????,,,discontinued!!  If u find any, grab it.  When it sells out, gone forever.  Ive used that always, now its just like the gov to take it off the market, cause it does some good.  I just want to get rid of that 1 trail of red ants, going past my car.  Have to nearly stand in it, to get in.

Went out to nephews yesterday, for Easter.  He didnt cook pork...brisket n chicken instead,,,When i asked he said he was tired of pork.....WHAT??? How do u get tired of pork?   I dont really like brisket, usually too dry, n im tired of chicken. lol,,,but,,,take what u get.  And his brisket was pretty moist.  Only way to cook one good, is a smoker.  Had an electric one i used for years, cooked the best turkeys,,,briskets, and capons,,u could ever eat.   That ol white meat on turkeys, ran with juices.  U put everything on, plugged it in,,went back when time was up,,,HOLA!! No tending. O yeah,,,remembered  i owe bro G,,,4.00 lost in moon.  Made myself a sticky note. 

I was the only female ever welcomed to play with the men at the bars.  I never played like females,,lol,,,in other words,,i kept up with the game,,and could set a bid if i had any way to do it,,even when they turned them over on shooter hands.  One time,,there were 3 men playing at one of the bars, one i didnt know, n i walked over n asked if i could join,,,n the 2 i knew said o no,,,there goes our money.. lolol,,,the other one,,u should have seen his frown. ahahahaha,,,He got a little more respect for me as the hands went on,,,n when i set a shooter, he was grinning from ear to ear.  Got all enthused then.. He lived out by N,,,n driving by one day, he saw her in the yard n slammed on his brakes, just to tell her her sis could dam sure play moon. hahahaha   She just shrugged, said ,,,we all can,,,we were raised right. lmaooo  He was killed not too long later in a car wreck.  But when i would walk in the door, if a game was going on, they were hollering,,,EEEEE,,, come play with us.  R a pool game, r a shuffle board game.  One had this OLD shuffle board table, would warp when it was hi humidity.  Loved that table,,u had to learn where to shoot every time.  N sometimes,,it had dead spots. hahahaha,,,ur puck would just,,,stop.  But it was a challenge, made it all the better.  U could curve those pucks to go from one side to the other,,,going around some.. hahahahah  Fun times.  Quit going to the bars when i quit drinking,,,now i cant cause of the smoke.  u know how us x smokers r. hahahahah

Think ill get up n do the dishes,,,