Sunday, October 16, 2011

Raised Right By Golly

Gosh, guess i was raised right.  I learned how to do a lot of things, and more after i married, (at 16).  AND NO, wasn't pregnant either!  I helped do carpenting, plumbing, electrical, u name it, and o yeah, roofing.  After doing roofing the last time, i got tennis elbow, and NO MORE!  That was shingles.  My bro does metal only.  So living alone, i'm not helpless.  My first hubby was a perfectionist, and after sanding and taping a car for him to paint, one time, he told me i taped it TOOO close, so no more of that!!,  We were putting down new vinyl flooring once, in our kitchen, and he sat there, and sat there, for hours, measuring, remeasuring, thinking,,so i finally got so tired of it, i told him to get out i would do the thing myself, and i did!  I got the scissors, rolled out that flooring and started cutting.  Made ONE 1/2" mistake on a corner, but it didn't show.  I could eyeball things right.  lol, ask my history teacher in high school.  We made a huge stucco map of this county and i was drawing the rivers and creeks on it, by just looking at the other map when he walked over and nearly died.  Told me to stop!,,,Then he measured, and every one of them was right.  He just walked off, left me alone.

Back then, there was an epidemic of kids getting married, and a lot of us did.  I did go back and finish high school, tho.  Seems like each generation has it's own thing, that was ours.  Better than drugs, but,,,,there was still the drinking.  You could go to OK and get hitched no matter what ur age. No ?s.  When we went, we found a man laying on a hammock at 2 in the morning,  sign out front, marriage info, and he got up and took us to the hospital to get the blood tests, then to the court house the next morning.  How's that for super stupid?   2 of my best friends did the same, but i was the only one to finish HS.  Lots of others did too.  We were married 26 years, and we get along ok now.  He's even helped me out with my car every once in a while.  I bought it from them.

Today is my dotter's birthday, and i just went by there, took her gift, etc.  I had to give her her Christmas present, since i haven't been out any where to shop.  She was my first, then 3 sons.  Just her and one son now.  She had bigggg boxes, that her Dad had brought from Ft Worth, from his Mom's house for her.  Boxes and boxes of porcelain things. OMG  She has noooo idea what she's gonna do with all that stuff.  Some of it could be valuable, tho.  Some of it's real old.  I never liked that stuff, dust catchers all it was to me.  One of the ladies i had in home health, had a bunch of that stuff, and every once in a while, i would wash them.  I  wasn't afraid to handle them, didn't break things.  They looked so good afterwards, was worth it.

Well, didn't have anything to say, so guess i'll see yall later.