Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't Know How to be OLD

Got my Schwan's order a bit ago.  Will have something from it, for supper.  I have a choice of pizza, or lasanga.  Sound good?

My bro G came by and we discussed what all we need to do about getting that street opened back up.  I talked to a friend that is on the city council, and she told me kinda what we needed to do,,,and in her words,,,"make us look like fools,,,",,,hahahaha.  They listened to one man, and then let him put a gate across this street, all in the same meeting!!!  No posting, no notifying to neighbors,,,US, ,,,just did it all in that one meeting.  That street is the only access to the river below the dam on this side.  I'm going to check to see if it was even legal to do that.  The man did it because of so much vandalism there.  WELL,,, put the dang city cops to work, doing their job!!!  Gonna be hell to pay,,,when we get thru....lololol.  Let him fence his OWN property, not close a city street.  Come to find out,,,the street isn't in the right place,,,it actually needs to go thru a barn he built down there.  hahahaha.  So,, take the gate down, or move the barn!

I read these other blogs,,,like climbing ladders,,cleaning vehicles,,,etc and how much it does to our bodies.   lolol...I don't know how to be OLD!  Can anyone tell me?  If i get down on the floor, how do i get up?  I did that yesterday,,,loolol,,,but,,i did get up.  When i moved some stuff to vacuum,,YEAH I DID,,,i pulled out the plug for the verizon wire.  Didn't know it til later, and that's when i had to get on the floor.  Finally got everything back right.  And up.  lololol.

When i walked yesterday, i went quite a bit further.  Surprised even me.  Sometimes you need to take a day of rest, like i did the day before.  Maybe that's something we learn,,,getting old,,,hahahaha.  I'm even kinda getting to LIKE it. The walking, NOT the other.   I've had to make myself do all this stuff, like the raising myself up and down from a sitting position,,,after i realized if i didn't use it, i would lose it.  And,,at this age, "lose it" takes on a whole new meaning,,,,, So kinda liking the walking is GOOD.  Anybody have any good ideas on this?  Be glad to hear some.

Gosh, didn't think i had anything to say,,,just goes to show,,huh,,,yall tc and