Sunday, November 24, 2013

What to Cook?

Ok, DD, you made me think of this.  Since I really don't like turkey,,,i started doing something different years ago.  The first time was doing a big brisket on my electric smoker,,,YUMMMM.  Mouth watering melt in your mouth good to the last drop, brisket.  lol.  Had an aunt and uncle here that year, and they were going back and buying a Mr Smoker, (electric) too.  The reason I keep mentioning electric, is,,,, you put your whatever on, plug it in, leave it til it's done.  No tending.  You put things in the water pan for the flavors, like Italian dressing for poultry, bar-b-q sauce for beef,,,etc.  You add soaked wood chips on the little cover over the burner, I always used mesquite.  This was Thanksgiving, way back.  Over the years, I cooked those, or turkeys, and when we used to have them, capons.  Now, a smoked turkey is GREAT.  And, DD, it doesn't taste like chicken,,,lololol,,, it tastes like ham.  Sorta.

Then a few years ago, I started cooking my famous roast.  I cook them waterless, on top of my stove, in their own juices, with a lot of seasonings.  After the meat gets done, I put it into a huge roast pan, add all the veges, put in the oven til they get done.  The cheapest cut is the best, has all the marbling to cook out.  My brother does them now.  The taste is totally different.

Now, i'm starving... lol.

No freezing stuff here yet, but the forecast is for later today thru tomorrow.  Keep wondering if my son will be able to get back from Vegas tomorrow. 

Ok that's it for today, yall tc, and



  1. I am not into turkey either, it would suit me fine if I just ate the dressing. Have cooked turkey the past two years and even with my limited cooking skills it turned out least neither my mother nor my uncle ended up in ER.

    This year I am not making anything...too much work!

  2. I bought a smoked turkey last year. It tasted like ham to me. I think the carcass or some of the bones would have been good in a pot of beans.

  3. There are two blogs showing up under your name. Both the same name. This one has a couple of comments above, the other one doesn't.

  4. Oh yes, and the other one has verifications turned on.

  5. Not turkey fan here either, there is a local grocery here that sells peppered turkey in their deli and about once a year I buy a 1/4 of a pound and bring it home for a sandwich with mayo and lettuce. I love the dressing but I am by myself and as someone said above it's too much trouble to make a full Thanksgiving meal. I'd be trying to get rid of whatever I made, it wouldn't be turkey, for a month.

    1. It's just me here, too. I freeze part of the turkey or turkey breast that I cook. Besides, I can eat turkey and dressing for a week and not get tired of it. I love turkey, so it's not hard to eat it forever.