Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yeaaaaaa,,,Haircut Today

This site can take you back in time to 1920.  DD was doing it on his blog today, and i've always loved to look back, too.  Scroll down the page til you  see the different years to go to.


This is one i've used a lot to give to someone on their birthdays.  Their special day in history.  They always love it.


I called around earlier, and when a shop wouldn't even answer their phone, let a machine do it, i hung up.  I finally found one and have a 2:30 appointment.  It was brought up in my last post about cutting my own hair.  I've done that for years using a razor comb, but,, this style i'm wearing now has to be done with clippers,,,short on sides and back, not quite a mohawk, but close,,,lolololol. 

When all my kids got in school, i just almost went to barber school.  It would have been a drive to Austin for about 9 months, but with one or two more sharing rides, wouldn't have been bad.  I had cut hair from the time my dotter was about 2, doing the boys and hubby later, too.  I had been to the school there, got everything arranged,,UNTIL i found out i would have to work under another barber for TWO years!!!  NO WAY!  By then, i was the only one here doing the longer cuts on boys, and just no way would i work under a barber here.  I told the younger one, he sure needed to learn to do those, and he did.  Heck, i was doing em for free!  Quit that when they got to demanding them when THEY wanted, not when i could do em.  Beauty school was out, didn't like all the other stuff like perms, etc.

I won the contest with DD yesterday,,,i  WANT TO LOSE THIS ONE!  I got hotter here than he did there.  Now, would you want to win that one? 

Gosh i hate to turn my desktop on, and have to when i need copies.  I know, i need a wireless printer, but sheesh, just do copies every once in a while.  When i turn it on, there's always updates to be done, and i don't know why, but i still do them.  That room is too hot, and too cold.  Besides, my laptop is faster.  Maybe it's thru updating now, and i can turn it back off. 

Anyway, yall tc, and