Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hot and Sweaty

Seems i'm staying that way, even tho i'm inside, or in the car.  Way past those hot flashes,,,lol.  If i get up and move to do anything, i'm hot.  Not gonna turn the ACs down so,,sit still and stay cool...It's really not that bad,,just think it is sometimes.  If my body gets hot, takes a long time to cool off again,,that's the main problem.

Haven't heard from my niece, SS.  SOOOOO SS,,,are yall moving or not???  Seems we always moved in the summer,,July or August,,can you believe that?   But back then, heat didn't bother me like it does now.  I was acclimated, out in it a lot more.  Especially all the 15 years or so, i played softball.  When you start sitting under ACs all the time,,that's it!  Gosh, we grew up here with none,  just a huge swamp cooler.  That was all we had even when i had my last son, born in June.  Had to get in the car and drive him around for a couple of weeks with temps at 110 or above.  Those coolers just blow hot air with that hot water circulating in them.  You don't need a water heater in the summer.

WOOOHOOOO,,, my fav on IDOL,,won!!!  He's so humble,  and when he tried to sing at the end, he broke down, and just took off his guitar, and went off the stage and hugged his family.  I feel kinda sorry for him, he'll never have another moment's peace.  Another of my favs from a few years ago, Adam Lambert, just got another #1 on the charts.  He and Carrie Underwood.

Yep, heat has arrived,,watching the weather right NOW.  The wind was just about blowing a gale yesterday.

I read something in a book i'm into now,,that i never knew.  Way back, people used geese to weed their gardens.  Of course, as look outs too, like guineas.  They can really screech! lololol.

My feet hurt last nite for hours, after i went to bed.  It was after 2;30 before i went to sleep.  I took an aleve, but should've taken something stronger.   I didn't think i should take the other after the aleve, so i didn't.

Going to the shower,,so yall tc, stay cool, and