Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good News

Saw the doc about my hip/leg? and he thinks it's bursitis also, and gave me a shot too.  I told him the other one had done that, but he said he was going deeper, so we'll see.  I was soooo glad it doesn't seem to be the hip!  I was already planning what to do when I had the replacement,,,lololol.

J went with me, and has gone to get his ice packs for me.  I'll need them for about 3 days, he said.  I started taking 2 tramadol too, not just one.  If that doesn't work, i'll call the doc back and get some vicodin.  (Not telling my son,,,)

I've been getting up with nausea every morning,,,i know, morning sickness,,, and I have no idea why.  I don't take any pills til I eat, now, hoping that will fix the problem.

OKKKK no more!!!  Enough about sick, hurt, etc....

The Voice came on last nite to show who was eliminated, and,,,the cable was out for some of my channels,,,and yeah, that was one of them...I have a small tv in the room with my desk top hooked to my antenna, sooo, that's where I watched it.  They are still off today.  Sorry cable,,,always has been.

I don't know what happened to my recorder. I went to it to watch So You Think You Can Dance later, and it wasn't on it.  I know I set it, but don't know anything else.  I think I did the date wrong.

Hate to do a post that is all about stuff like this, so ,,,, be back when I can do better.  Yall tc, and