Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do you know what May Day is?  I read it in the paper this morning, and now i've already forgotten,,,something to do with workers.  NOT gonna go back and look either.  All i remember is May 1 is May Day.

I keep seeing all the talk about using the new interface,,,,and i'm not gonna til i have to either.  I do agree with most everybody, why change a good thing?

DD, there's no telling how many days i spent at drags.  Or motorcross, or,,drag boats,,,lol.  I tried to take pics of the cars i have hanging on my wall, but the glass made them terrible.  They are just some of the GTOs, one yellowbird mixed in, that were taken at car shows, belonging to my son and his dad.  They have been totally redone, and he has won top of show a few times with one original 72.  Another yellow 72 he has won first place in lots of drags,,after driving it there, putting on the slicks in the parking lot.  Between the 2 of them they have enough to do their own shows. lol.

All my shows are ending.  The Voice, the Biggest Loser,  others going to reruns.  Last nite i recorded 2 hours of sitcoms to watch later.  Hey, i like to laugh, so sue me.  Last week's 3 1/2 men made me have tears,,,laughing.  And Mike and Mollie too.

Got all done today except dressing, but,,,,like my caftan to lounge around in.  Not gonna get out til later anyway.

Got nothing on my mind,,,already spouted off about all i can think of, so yall tc, and