Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Day After

Cant get any go up this morning.  Took a dose of my strong pain med just before i went to bed last nite,,,says 10-15 cc,,took 10 but when i woke up at 1;30 am,,took the 15cc.  Took that hard cover off my toe, and it kept bleeding, so i taped a pad of tissue paper on it.  What a hangover.  Got up at 8;30 thinking it was 10;30, but saw the clock and got on up intending to go back to bed.  Welll,,,here it is almost 11 n im still up.  Got my toe re-dressed, and it barely bled.

  Decided to get that prescription of pain pills filled.  Learned a long time ago, when its offered, DO NOT turn it down.  I like to always have some on hand in case i do need it sometime.  So, i called this morning as soon as i got up, and found out they had to order it!!!,,,,lmaoooo,,,good thing i didnt really need it.  It will be here this afternoon.  The store i get it at, is in the process of building a new place with a drive thru.  woooohoooo.  And its just up the street, not in the middle of town.  I have them deliver, because theres never a parking place, and i cant walk very far.  Its not a problem with my breathing,,,,its my back.  It just locks up on me, and i have to sit down to release those muscles.  Think when i lose weight that will cure the problem.  My back muscles dont like that heavy front weight pulling them down. lololol  After having 4 kids, i still had a hard flat stomach, until the gain.  My sis bragged on me being able to wear a bikini being in my 40s.  hahahahaha,,,  o well,,,

Just shut a window on the west side,,my feet r getting cold.  FANTASTIC!!!  After the 100? yesterday,,,loveeee it.  Makes for good napping,,which is coming up.  cya later?

Heyy,, Robertt!!! Glad to have ya.  U have a blog?

Been just sitting around here all day, not doing a dad burned thing.  Well, take that back,,did get out n use the comb on my over-haired cat.  Hes Hey Jude,,,  Have to do that every few days, n still get gobs off.  Know im gonna have a hair ball yet.  Have yall seen that video of the ducks, a mom with about a dozen little ones,,,trying to walk in the wind?  Its 1 of those, do i laugh ,,,r cry?  Its on my msn home page, included in some dog videos.  Cant put it on here, r i would.  Got it in an email last week, so maybe yall have too.

Got all excited ,,having another follower,,,wooooohooooo.  Had to check back in for a min.  Almost time for ,,,u know what,,,IDOL!!! lolol  My 3 r still there, Casey, James !!, N Scotty.  Just dont KNOW what ill do when its down to just those 3.  Watched the Voice last nite, liked it too.  Think i might get hooked on that too. lololol,,,n just why not?,,,Musics goood for the soul.  Lost it one time,,for a few years.  But it DID come back.  ok,,byeeee again,,,,