Thursday, July 26, 2012

All Good

Got that call just a minute after 8 am,,way early, but i was accidentally up.  All blood tests good.

I'm already tired of Olympics.  On the Today Show, just about all they had.  Then,,,my night shows will be messed up for the 2 weeks.  There's very little i like, well, not enough to stay with them for hours.

I got my floors mopped today, and yes,,that's a major clean for me.  I think it's like my car windows,,when they get to where i can't stand them,,then i clean em...  With just me and Jude,,they last a long time.  I clean spots as needed.  But today,, it was moving everything,,sweeping first,,then the mopping.  See what i mean?  Gosh, i used to be able to whiz thru a whole house, doing it all, in record time.  Had my walls shaking with R&R too!  My first day working in home health,,,i went to 5 places, and none of them had had help for weeks.  I cleaned them ALL.  After i got home,,i almost didn't go back.  I did, and learned to handle all of it better.  I filled in for the ones that didn't have regular help, so i went to lots of places.  Over 3 counties,,and sometimes more.  I was paid mileage and driving time, so i rested while i drove.

That was my last job except doing my own,,private.  All of us got laid off, when the company had to downsize.  Drew unemployment almost a year, tho.  Never could find another job that would pay enough to live on, tho, so that's when i took early retirement.  And i love it!

Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!  It's HOT.  Went out to get rid of mop water, hang up the mop.,  Whew.

Yall tc, and