Thursday, July 7, 2011

LMAOOOO,,,Everybody Talking About Scraps of Soap

DD, my parents grew up and lived thru the great depression too.  We were raised the same, use everything  up.  I remember my Grandmother making lye soap, out in the yard in an huge iron pot.  After slaughtering the hogs.  I put my little pieces into a mitt u can get at Walmart, in the bath section.  Scrubs off the ol flaky skin, feels good, too.

Mom used a Magtag wringer washer til the 60s.  And my bro B has it now, still works great.  And we all, at some time or other, got our arms caught in it.  She became an hoarder for the last years of her life,  left it all for us to clean up, sort thru, get rid of,,OMG.  Took all 5 of us months!  She would go to garage sales, buy old broken stuff, take home because it "could be" fixed.  She never got rid of anything, ever.  When all the outside buildings were filled, then she did the house.  Room by room.  I know it's a disease, and we just left it alone.  After she died, we filled 2 huge containers we rented, $700 a whack,  and 2 huge trailers, with just trash.  Gave away tons of clothes, material.  THEN, we had the estate sale, probably the biggest one ever, here..  What didn't sell, we donated to a children's home for them to sell.  My bro B and i were cleaning out one of the big storage buildings one day, and i was handing him out stacks of old magazines, and he picked up one to look at, and under it, was a lot of my old high school news things we put out every month.  I had been on the production crew.  Priceless, to me.  Took them to our class reunion in 2009.  How did they survive all those years?  Out in that old building?  There was an huge freezer out there too, been buried for years and years.  Had quit working long ago.  WELL, when we finally could get to it, no one wanted to open the door, but B just had to look!! YUKKKKK, black stuff!!!  They had to take a wall out there by it, to get it out,  Then pull it out to the trash container with Gs truck, then all of us helped roll it into the bin.  In this same building, were boxes and boxes of canned goods.  We had to throw them away!  No telling how old they were.  We just knew you couldn't open the door to it any more because millions of things would fall out.  Has anyone ever had an hoarder in their family?  The tv show was our reality too.  And maybe we should have forced the issue, but we just left her alone and happy.  I told everybody she was up there, laughing at us, having to clean up!  I kept a few things, no room, like everybody else.  An old trunk, put all the books and pictures in, at the foot of my bed.  An old churn, belonging to one of my grandmothers.  A few other small things. Everybody pitched in, and we finally could get the house on the market.  Put it with one realtor, no sale in the 6 month contract, so we changed to another one.  I bought that little statue of St. ?,,,Joseph, i think, and it sold within 3 weeks!!  Since i was the bookkeeper in the family, i got to do all the paperwork, from the getgo.  Taking care of all the insurance claims, getting everything done, and i would make a report to the rest every family meeting we had.  Kept all the finances on paper, to the penny.  The 2 older of us, were in charge, but we didn't ever inforce that, everything was always put to a vote.  No resentments that way. 

Ok yall, i've actually gotten some eggs boiled, gonna have 1 for lunch.  (Maybe 2)  My friend called early today, woke me up.  Was 9, so np.  She was worried because she had too much put in, not able to get liquids down.  She doesn't drink coffee, and she needed something hot to help open it, and she finally thot about broth.  When i talked to her a little later, she had kept some of it down.  It's really tight in the mornings.  My coffee takes care of that.  She knows it's too tight, but wants it that way if at all possible.  I also told her to sip on room temp. water.  Cold shuts if off more.  She wasn't so much worried about food, as hydration. 

Gosh, don't know where all THIS came from, today.  Gotta get, egg time, ya know.