Friday, February 20, 2015

Whew, lots to do

Told you i had pics,,

Had to get these 2, a couple of weeks ago, there was a line of 5 or 6 squeezed together. Didn't have my camera in, was in the car.

Then some of the work being done in the river bed, removing sand above the dam, gonna take a while,, lol, (long time). They had to make that small stream to let the water through from upriver, the dam up there that is letting a small amount flow down stream, then here, it goes through a flood gate at the far side.

Those piles above are the beginning, maybe a million more to go,,, lol.

My sleep study is Sunday nite.They're saying maybe ice, etc, that nite. I've been watching the weather. The driver of the HOP bus that will pick me up Monday morning is supposed to call me today. Guess i'll go from there. On hwy 71E i think it will be fine, no bridges to amount to anything. Need to get this over with.

Not sure if i put this on here from Valentine's Day, but so pretty. From my daughter and bf.

The prop i have this laptop on keeps letting my hand or something change the font size, to LARGE. Have to stop and change it back. On facebook, i saw these things made out of plastic pipe, and one was a stand for a laptop. Painted too. Made a good one. Mine cost like, 20..00.  Gave instructions too. Gosh, might have to look that up.

My hip bothers me a lot, but i don't think that therapy was helping, in fact, it made it worse. It hurts when i sit, then walk. Whatever is in there gets pressed on and it makes it hurt. I wiggle around trying to find a spot it doesn't.

Yall tc, and


PS: OOO Wow, found a lot of pics that i had forgotten about, taken 2-3 years ago, off somewhere. I opened up this new app on this, OneDrive, and it has them!! I put them on my blog way back, pics i took driving around one time. Dry lake, spring flowers, cattle.

Also today, i put some programs on that this didn't come with, like Word, Office, think that's where that OneDrive came from. They are free, but you have to find and install them.

Might not ever know what all this new pc has, lol... and the strange thing, i find old stuff when i log into things. Of mine. Like pictures, bookmarks, email, everything.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


So many settings to do, but, i did get my printer going. Gosh, don't know how, it's wireless, and my nephew did it on the old one. But somehow, i got it.

Still lol about BB finding the bookmarks too. It even has the "import from firefox", so those are there too.

DAMDAMDAM, just lost half this post.

I still can't get one game site to download, and i use it every day. I'll work on it later.

BB, not gonna take any pics of this laptop, nothing different. Just the name, Acer.

This doesn't have Windows picture program, nor movie. Maybe have to look for those later. I put on Picasa but don't really like it.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, February 17, 2015


WOW, installed google chrome and it has ALL my bookmarks from, well, forever, even from firefox. Thot i was gonna have to put everything back, but it's there....

It came with Internet Explorer as the only browser.

 That just made my day, lol.

OK back to other things, like maybe getting my printer done.... yall tc, and


Monday, February 16, 2015

Good News

My new laptop will be here tomorrow!,, Might be days before I get back here, lol. I've done a lot with this one, and it's a good one for how old it is. I updated, cleaned, lol, updates were like 92,,i put them on and left for the day. It's not too slow, just at times. It has win7 so it's not really old. Did find out I won't have a 15".

I'm so sick of appointments! When I get these next 2 done, I still have to make more. The sleep study is Sunday nite, then the lung doc, is 3-2.  After those, gotta get a late mammogram, and a late eye check done. My eyes are lots better since I started using allergy drops.

I have pics I'm not gonna put on til I get the new lt going. The city is dredging out the river, getting rid of sand so it'll hold more water above the dam. Took some of that yesterday. Got other things too.

A friend told me how good those Smart Ones frozen lasagna dinners were, and YES, really good. Just ate one of the chicken enchiladas, which are super. I loaded up at Walmart and liked to have not gotten them all in my freezer. Got a bag of sweet potato fries too, but haven't cooked any yet. I think maybe all of that brand are excellent.

Got a call a bit ago, from Fed Ex, saying that puter will be here tomorrow, and need a signature. Didn't say what time of day, sooooo,,, have to wait til is shows up.

Well, yall tc, and


Saturday, February 14, 2015


Took that hp back,, had 15 days. Then I ordered the Acer 17" with windows 7! NEW!! Walmart has them. I did talk to my repairman, and he was gonna get started on mine today. I told him I had ordered a new one, and didn't want to have to spend an arm and leg to repair it. Guess i'll find out.

BB sure would like it if you found and bought property here...:))). The Rio Llano has big creeks, river frontage, no restrictions. Did you look at those? I would have bought a place there if my house had sold in a reasonable time, way back there. Had one picked out. The housing market went kaput, and didn't sell it for years.

I owner financed it with a large down payment, to a new lawyer in town. She made the payments for a few years, then just quit when her husband left her. Try getting a lawyer out.... HA. Had to hire one myself, and not one here would do it. Took about 8 months, had to go to court, to get her out. Her brother had come from somewhere way north, took her back and put her in a mental illness place. She filed lawsuits on everybody that did anything for her, lol, even me. I didn't tell her how to fix the leaking roof. The judge dismissed them all. Got it back after MY lawyer charged me MORE than he had said, with the excuse of:  I changed my mind!! That's how my younger brother got it. He paid me off with a loan. Still lives there. lol, To him it was like buying his home, there so much growing up.

I tried to buy a battery pack for my camera, (telling on myself) and the sales lady said they didn't carry them. Then she told me most people didn't need it, because they could charge the cameras. Well, DUH, it hit me, yeah,, I had a charger and even knew where it was. Just never have been into cameras, pictures. Did videos mostly, and the tapes were in the stolen things out of my store rooms. My memories. And I know they just threw them away. Really is bad, because they had a lot of my youngest son that I lost when he was 16.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, February 11, 2015


What do you do???? if you want to buy another laptop, and do NOT want windows 8. I really think I might get a refurbished 7. Might not need one, haven't heard from my repair man yet. Back a few years ago, had to buy a new desktop, only choice was Vista.  Well, everybody knows how bad those were, and a few months later they started offering the XP again. Too late for me, but I sure didn't waste any time downloading 7 to replace it, later.

Now, here I am with a "vista" I hate. I picked up one at Walmart last week, not much choice cause they're doing inventory and not much in stock. This is an hp 15" with win 8.1. Yep, it's going back. Have 15 days, and this morning it wouldn't boot up! After messing with the switch for a while, it did, and a message said something about repairing itself. It finally booted up, but who wants one that does that at a week old? Learned a lot about this 8, but,, still want a 7.

Worst thing, gotta take all the stuff off that I put on. And hope I don't miss anything.

Yall tc and


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Got Trouble

Got up yesterday and turned my laptop on, found it so messed up it might not ever be fixed. I took it to my man and he even said he had never seen one like this. Bad bug or virus. Even the internet icon on my taskbar was gone. He loaned me this one thank God.

My desktop had a black screen and a message would flash that there was a low battery. WELL, he showed me where that little battery was, about the size of a nickel, handles settings, and first thing I did was take it out, go get a new one, and put it in. He said turn it on and let it charge AND it didn't change a thing, still the same this morning.

I have the disks for Windows 7, and one for drivers and utilities, just talked to him and he said that was it.  So, gotta run those down there sometime this morning. He's in Kingsland.

So, woe is me... lol. Yall tc, and


PS BB try searching Lands of America, Llano county, 0-7 acres