Thursday, July 10, 2014

Always Heard of This,,,

But in the bowl, not the tank,,,

This is a rat snake, found a few days ago, here at a business rest room... lolololol.  Does it make you want to look before you sit, now, and forever?  My tank doesn't have those round shaped places on it, so it couldn't get into it.  My son said every one did, to anchor to the wall, but, mine doesn't, just looked.

My cat, on his way to the door to go out, stopped and did some cautious starring at the end of my couch, like there was something there... You think i didn't look?  lol,,, Of course i did.  I didn't move it, but didn't see anything.  It could have been a bug, a piece of paper,,, anything.  He has the most hearing of any cat i've ever had.  He wasn't acting like it was a snake or i would have moved that thing.
Well, the dog days got here.  Forecast is to hit that triple digits for the next week.  I'm in, cool, and can get from house to car, to store,,, library,, etc.  Don't have to be out.  The car ac is still cooling great, after that little shot of freon.

Yall tc, and