Sunday, January 29, 2012


Got started on the petition yesterday, and just around this neighborhood, i got about a dozen signatures. Not gonna be hard. No one wants that road shut off. Bro said he got about 20 at church on domino nite.

I saw a pic of a roadrunner on Jojo's blog, and it made me remember the pair that were here for years. Those are some fasinating birds! They are nosy, and funny. When i was out in the yard, they would stretch that long neck out from behind a bush or something, watching me, seeing what i was up to. I watched them playing chase one time, around a big bush. One would catch up, and both would jump high in the air, then take off again, round and round.. I didn't have my flip cam then and missed so much. They raised one chick a year, and you never saw it til it looked as grown as them. I got to watch their mating dance once, just happened to look out the window, and saw one running across the street with a lizard in it's mouth. Guess it was the "he", cause "she" was here in the yard with her wings hanging down, kinda fluttering. He ran up to her with that lizard and dropped it right at her feet. Then they did all this crazy looking dance,,jumping, bowing,,round and round each other. A vehicle went by and scared them off. LOVED those silly birds! They were around for about 5 years, then i just never saw them again. Saw one, once, and had high hopes.

They are like the armadillos, cotton tails, and other things that have just about disappeared around here. Where i live, there should be lots of cottontails, but i've never seen even one. Last year i told my son that i had never seen a rabbit here, and the very next day!!!!, i looked out my back door and there was a jack rabbit in my neighbor's back yard, til the kids there saw it and ran it off. And to this day, that is the ONLY one. I called him and said,,you're not gonna believe this,,,,,, I think the fire ants have a lot to do with the disappearance of ground nesting things. Well, even tree nesting. I've heard they have even hurt our deer population, getting to the babies. Haven't ever heard anything else about those knats. Maybe i ought to contact that man again, and ask about the progress. It's a knat that kills those ants. Imported,,,lol. They had been released in a few counties when i had first contacted him at the UT. He told me they were as close as the next county over from me, and if i would, to let him know if i saw them here. I never did, but last year, didn't see the ants either. They stayed way underground, due to the lack of water.

My yard needs mowing so bad. I told the man that does it, to do it any time it's dry enough. I haven't seen these weeds get like this ever. Not these. I think they are ragweed. About a foot tall, real thick now. Frost sure didn't hurt em.

Not excited about super bowl, probably won't even watch it. If i go to my bro Bs house, it'll be on for sure, only way i would see any. I'm not in any pots, so no interest.

Well, gone for today, yall tc, and