Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wish I Had Something to Say

I think i'm still recovering from the San Antone trip.  Just not up to doing anything.

I did get some of those fly strips and hung one up, yesterday.  But,,i don't think it will work, seems to be nothing on it to attract the flys.  Am i supposed to add something?  I've never used them so i don't know.  The flys haven't even gotten near it.    With the outside traps, i had to add something.  Also, for the wasps traps too.

My g/dotter was telling me they had a mouse,,hahahaha, with 3 cats in the house too.  Her hubby tried to catch it and it got away,,,still in the house.  I told her if she'd come by i'd give her the 2 live traps, for mice, that i have.  She remembered them.  One time, i had set them and the next day i picked it up, opened it to see if a mouse was in it cause the door had shut,,and yep,,that mouse was out and gone, still in my house too.  lol,,Don't know why you'd carry one outside and turn it loose anyway, they will just come back in.  So, from then on, i set the snapping ones if necessary.  It's rare i have one tho.  Think i told you back somewhere in a blog,,the best mouse trap ever.  The 5 gallon bucket with bird feed in the bottom...Don't want that in the house tho.

My feet are still bothering me, just don't know what to do with them.  The left one still feels like i have a stone bruise on the heel.  Have to go in for my regular blood work by the end of the month, so i'll ask.  Maybe she can tell me without having to go to a foot doc.  Why don't we have general practitioners like we used to have, now?  They handled it all.  Mostly.  If they couldn't then they sent you to someone. 

I've got this one little cat fish of some kind in this thing in the house.  When i cleaned it out the last time, the rest of the fish died,,so i'm gonna put this one out in my pond and get rid of this thing.  It's a survivor so i think he will be fine.  Gonna try to do this today.

Well, yall tc and