Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Where did Weathermen Learn Forcasting????

I looked into those kindle, nook things, and do NOT want one.  I also looked on amazon for the free ap, but didn't find it.  But thx for the info, sel.  I think i missed it, maybe it will be back some time.  I didn't like the 6" size, gosh, how much of a page would u get?  Didn't like the 10.00 price tag for books.  Sooooo,,,library, here i come.

River flow today:  J=38 M=25 L=8  And no rain heading this way.  Don't know why i EVER watch the weathermen.  My son says he can tell more about weather by just watching insects, ants, etc.  Over the years, he's gotten pretty accurate.  He told me yesterday, he wasn't putting any faith in rain coming.  Then today, weathermen agreeing with him, lololo.

Gosh, tried to eat a small rib eye for supper last nite.  After 3 bites, that was it.  Took an hour to get over that.  It stopped me up, and i finally gagged part of it back up.  I cut small bites, and chewed a lot, but steak is just one thing i can't eat now.  Never wanted anything else to eat, either.  Ate a yogurt before bed and that was it.  Had a scrambled egg, 1 piece of toast, and 3 slices of bacon for breakfast, brunch today.  Took a long time, but got it all down.  I had bought pre-cooked bacon, and,,,it's good!  If i buy raw, it will ruin before i ever get it all cooked.  So this way, no waste.

O Gosh, showing mexican food on tv.  HA, got a frozen dinner. lmaoo  I picked up a few of those just for times i need a quickie meal.  They're NOT good, but,,,,serves the purpose.  I can eat anything, not picky.  Found that out when i went thru the CNA training and school, in a nursing home.  Ate their lunches, and I, for one, found them really good.  I get hungry for things like cabbage, and can't cook a head of that just for me, so never do it.  Also, squash.  Like that any way it's cooked. Okra, too.  lol,,,Glad i've already eaten.

Need to get up and get in the shower.  It's Friday,,,hahahahaha.  Have my hot water heater turned off.  Don't need it, with the water so hot coming out of the faucet.

Yall have a good week end.