Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guess I'm Late

Not gonna be much today, forgot and got into some other stuff.  If i vary from my routine, it puts me off.  Went back to see if i had any comments, and ,,,found i hadn't even done a new one!

No plans, boring day, and another one tomorrow.  It's that weekend thang.  Used to be ,,,TGIF, party time,, rest on Sunday.  Maybe that's why it's so boring now.

I ate at our new mexican place yesterday, for supper.  Had a tostado, and a small chili con queso with some pico in it.  It was great!  The tostado was loaded up with all kinds of goodies.  You had to use other chips to eat it all.  I can't eat their sauce they bring out with the chips at first, way too hot.  I told the waitress they needed to put the prices on the ticket, so people would know what to tip.  I had no idea.  But don't you look at the total to know how much?  I do. 15% is my usual.  BUT, that is for a good waitress, not one that brings the food and never comes back...Those get XXX.

I went by the new Italian one, but,,just didn't sound good yesterday.  Bro B likes it, but he likes spaghetti.  I'll try it some time.

Got a load of laundry done early today,,,that's probably what messed up my routine,,lol.  Needed something to wear, washed it all.  Might just go out and drive another back road today.  I think most of the flowers are gone, but might run across other things,,like those zebras! hahahahaha  J, B, and G are going out to nephew Ws today and look around for arrowheads.  B just told me it's too darn hot right now, will have to be later.  I might go by there later.  It's about 12 miles W.  but not on Ns road.

OOOO YEAH,,,gotta see the moon come up tonite!!!!!!!  I want to see it come up over that rise, not see it later when it actually  becomes full.  Might go to where i can see it over the river.  Yeah!

Yall tc, and


PS  BB reminded me of this,,,and i thot i knew it all, but,,i did NOT know there were her/him people until about 2 years ago!  I had read something about it in a book, and lo and behold,,,here's Oprah with one on her show!!  He/she is married to a woman, and he/she had a baby.  For real.