Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Know How I Keep Doing It

I can't comment on your blogs, unless, i click on the word,,,comment.  Then i keep having to go back and forth, doing that.  I tried to put a calendar on my screen, but didn't get that done,,, windows took their gadgets off, so i tried to use another one.  THEN, i ran my malware to clean up what i had gotten, and in the process, that comment thing happened.

i have to make a trip to the store, and keep putting it off.  Need milk and orange juice.  Couple of other things too.

My 2 for the pot, was good at half time, but we don't like divided pots, then a one won the final.  I didn't even look until this morning.  I had come home at half time and watched a movie.

I woke up about 2AM, and when i sat up, i reeled so bad, i just flopped back on the bed to keep from hitting the floor.  I laid there a few minutes, then very cautiously,  I sat up, stayed still a few minutes, then again, veryyyy carefully, made my way to the bathroom.  I seemed ok if i kept my head upright and still.  This was the same thing i had done before, that inner ear thing.  I tried to go back to bed, but,, no way.  I found the motion sickness pills and took one, went to my chair, and kept wondering if i should call my son, or the ambulance.  As long as i kept my head still, i seemed ok.  Sooo,,, i sat there for an hour or more, and tried to kick back during that time.  My head still didn't like that.  I think finally that pill took effect and i stayed back and dozed another hour.  Then i went back to bed.  I slept til 9.30 and after lunch i napped again......So it's really hard to make myself move. 

That just happens out of the clear blue.  No way to prevent it.  Horrible feeling.

Ok, i'm outa here, yall tc, and