Friday, February 15, 2013

Here I Go Again

I did write a post yesterday, but in a flash, it was gone,,,no draft, no nothing.  Wasn't gonna redo.

J has been staying with me this week after he fell last Sunday nite, and broke 2 ribs on his lower right side, on the back.  Bruised everywhere too.  Then fell again 2 nites later, but not as bad.  Just wasn't safe to be alone.  Talked to his doc, then again late yesterday.  He's getting one of those thingys that send electrical charges into it, next Tuesday.  So far he hasn't fallen again. 

We think maybe the therapy might have caused it, and it was stopped by the doc.  He's been a little better today.  He taking medication different too.  The falls are NOT good!  Thank GOD he didn't do more than break the 2 ribs.

Just thot i'd let you know and i'll be back whenever.  Yall tc, and