Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Way it Was

Well, i seem to be back to normal,,whatever that is.  Don't know why i felt lousy the last 2 days, but really glad it's gone.

I woke up about 8:30 and it was raining!,,,On tv it's saying we got about 1.3,,,I will get myself that rain gauge today!!!  Then i can say,,;hmmm,,, got blank blank here at my house...lol.  We laugh, bro B and me, about bro G and his rain gauge.  He always has just a little more than anybody else. hahahaha.  He's the one that lives about 1/2 a block from me,,so will be interesting,,lolololol.

SS called yesterday and we talked a LONG time...Love it.  Told me they might be moving to another town.  O yeah, i was gonna look it up, see where it is, she told me in E TX.  That's a part of TX i;m not familiar with.

I am not seeing any of the ducks, geese, etc, out at the park, any more.  Well, plenty of squirrels.  Sure haven't seen the baby beavers.  About 2 weeks ago, i did hear the geese from up the river, so i guess they're still there with babies?,,,I'll know when they come back, there were 13 of them before. Then some more here in town at the other park.  Don't see them either.

From the time i was a kid, we raised things.  Like,,3 squirrels,,had em for years.  These were things that had to be bottle fed.  A skunk too.  My dad loved that one,, loved to laugh when someone came to the door, and this skunk ran up to it to see who it was...We had it de-scented.  Back then the vets would do that, now,,they won't touch them.  After it grew up, and started staying outside,,it finally wandered off.  Throw in a ring tail, lots of baby rabbits, a coon, but the most fascinating was the baby owl,,a great horned owl.  I sure didn't know they were meat eaters,,got a book from the library to research them.  lol,  Son J had to hunt every day for it.
Later, after it started staying outside, he could call it, and hold out his food for it, and it would fly in,,,right into your face, you would think it was going to hit you, then suddenly drop straight down.  We had reports of strange acting owls for years,,,lol.  Like, friendly.  No fear.  Doing it's thing in daylight,,Once hubby saw one sitting on the end of the bridge when he went to work, just watching the traffic go by.  One lady told me one had flown down to the ground when she was out in her garden.

Think i might should get in the shower, almost noon.

 OOOO yeah!!!,, J has these HUGE ants he caught, big as wasps,  that he doesn't know what they are.  They have wings, and there were huge swarms of them out where his gf lives, under the lites, a few nites ago.  They had thot they were crazy ants, but after seeing the pics i had cut out of the paper, they're not.  He said he had seen them about 15 years ago.  I'd sure like to know what they are, don't need things like fire ants, bad stuff, coming around.

Ok,,really am outa here, so yall tc, and