Monday, July 22, 2013

Think I Feel Like BB

No sleep all night, could not get comfortable any way I tried,  feet blazing with the neuropathy, leg telling me I still have the bad hip,,,just a horrible night.  Tried to nap this morning, and nope,  same thing.

My mower man got the yard all done, and probably won't need it again for weeks, since it's gonna be so hot.

I felt real good about how well I was doing yesterday, so I might have overdone it.  Went to Alco and the grocery store, using the electric carts.  Have to do that right now.  Barely can make it from my car to them.... But I know I need to exercise as much as possible.

I watched a movie last night,,,news, huh,,, about climbing a hill and coming down a mountain,,,lol,,, had to see it to know what that meant.  Set during WW1.  Not too bad.

Well, too darned tired to think, so yall tc, and


Later,,after reading DDs blog....

Not too many years ago, when I was still breeding and selling purebred Siamese, my female had 6 kittens.  I was in my bedroom, reading, and she came in and sat down by my closet door.  In a few minutes, she looked at that door, didn't latch, then started calling her babies.  They all came running and then she proceeded to show them how to reach under that door and pull it open.  That was planning.

Watched a show on tv about that same time, had a cat shrink telling you how to keep them from scratching on the furniture... Said blow up little balloons, pin them to the arms, etc, and when they popped, it would scare the cats so bad, they wouldn't do that any more,,,HA!!!  I went to the store, got the balloons, pinned them all over a chair and sofa, then stood back, because they had been watching to see wth I was doing.  My male walked over to one, reached up and of course, popped it.  I could see his brain thinking,,hmmmm ,,, how about that... let's try that again!  Which he did.  Then the female got in on it too.  Didn't take them long to figure out to reach under there carefully, pull the balloon, pin and all, off, then box it around the room, no claws... O what fun!!!  I had busted balloons with pins everywhere.  Didn't know how to tell that smart guy he just never had Siamese!