Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is Not my Usual Thing Today

Yep, i sure do remember that morning, 10 years ago.  Was sitting in this very same chair, waiting to call in to my company to see where they were gonna send me that day, when it came on about the 1st plane.  Didn't think anything but an accident, until the 2nd one hit.  Then OMG.  Then,,, the 3rd one.  Still get tears.  How can this be?  WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!  I call in, ask them (in Austin), if they have any news on,  then i tell them to turn something on, anything.  I don't want to leave my house!  Who knows what's next?  Ft Hood is just a stone's throw away.   But, i was sent to an 87 year old man in Kingsland, just 20 miles away.  I rushed there, radio on, and he had his tv on too.  All i did was just the necessary things, while watching with him.  He was just as upset as we all were.

Now, i'm gonna tell this one too, cause i still think this was one of the terrorist that did this.  About 1 1/2 years before 9/11, my x called and told me some idiot had been calling about something about our 1st son we had lost as an infant, in 1961.  Said she was with the social security adm.  Had left a number and name.  He gave me the info, told me he thot she was a nut.   I called the Austin office and found out there really was an office where she had said, so i finally called her.  She told me a man had come there wanting a ss number, but he had raised her flags, suspicious.  He was giving his name as my son, even our names, date of birth, whole thing.  He even had a birth certificate in my son's name.  I told her he had just lived 5 months, and had died of SIDS.  Back then, it was called crib death.  He had a good story, but she must have raised his suspicions too, because he never went back.  She had delayed him for about 3 months, and had looked us up in the phone book finally, and called.  Was surprised herself, to see our names still there, we were supposed to be dead.  My x went by the office and looked at a picture, but no one he knew, ever.  Said he was from Australia.  She put a flag on our son's name after that, and no one can ever do that now.  But the man was not to be found, had used a po box for an address.  I reported this to the FBI, who told me they didn't do that kind of thing any more, to call the Secret Service, so i did.  Never heard another thing about it.  Told them to call the woman in the social security office, gave them her info, but who knows?  And u know, maybe there were other reports, like mine, that were not checked out, and the person doing these things, got their ids because there wasn't an alert person on duty to check.  I still thank GOD for that woman.  Remember, this was just the right amount of time that the terrorist needed, 1 1/2 years before.  Yall agree with me?  Think i'm nuts?  Well, i put the 2 and 2 together later and that's what i came up with.

The Catholic Church is having their fried chicken dinner today, and my son gave me 2 tickets.  When i went to pick them up, thot there would be a mile long line, even at 10:50, and wow, i was the first!  Grabbed mine and just had my brunch.  Chicken way overcooked, so dry could barely eat it, and wouldn't u know it, i got a breast and a wing, the driest of pieces! lololol,, Had to chew, and chew, and chew, finally got about 1/2 of one down, and didn't look in the other, but hope it's dark meat.


Forgot to give yall this.  It's a free travel guide, a big book,,, comes with a new Tx map too.  I used to order them for everybody.  Lists every town in Tx and gives u the attraction found there.  For all u travelers, a must have.