Wednesday, May 18, 2011

People and Places

After blogger went down, i now have my old one back, yeaaaaaa. I tried the setting before, and it didnt work, but somehow its fixed now.

Wow, yesterday was a lonnnngggg day!!,,N saw the eye doc, then a couple of hours later, saw another doc about her arms and hands going numb, then had to have an xray. Took alll day,,,
I managed to warm up leftovers for supper, and thats it. Well, no, did get my trash out, before i got in that lazyboy chair and kicked back. Not doing doodlely today either.,,,i can do that, im retired!! N was cleaning house, cause she missed doing it yesterday,,,i told her she needed to learn to let that go sometimes, house wasnt gonna fall down. Told her to go out and watch the birds, or let the chickens out and watch them. There was a woman in the waiting room i talked to, had 40 someodd chickens, and loved them too!!! Also had a big garden and spent almost all her time outside, watching her chickens and working her garden. Had already canned green beans. Planted them in Jan, taking a chance on weather, and made it. Had to cover them a couple of times, she said. Right now, swamped in yellow squash. lolol,,, Getting that craving for those green beans, again. Wish i had gotten her name, would drive over there and get some of her garden stuff. In that waiting room, at the eye docs,,i dont think there was anyone there from Fredericksburg. There were others from Mason too. One i knew, had grown up here, went to school with us.

Just saw someone getting cpr on tv. Did yall know theyve changed that? U dont do the mouth thing any more. Also, yesterdays paper said for someone choking, just do 5 hard slaps on the back with the person bent over. Add the stomach thrusts if that doesnt work, alternately. 5 and 5. Ive taken those classes a few times, and they always change something. I was working in an insurance office right in the center of town, long ago, and a man going thru passed out and hit cars parked in front of the drug store across the street. No one helped him and he died. I was so horrified, i took the next cpr class offered, and i think everybody should. U never know when someone will need it, might be a loved one. After taking another one, years later, that same day nearly had to use it on my baby nephew. He was choking. Just before i grabbed him, he coughed it up. So, u just never know.

Well, lunch time and im sure ready. Dont know why im so hungry today. bbl