Sunday, July 8, 2012

Google Chrome

Since google chrome did all that updating and changing about,,what,,a month ago?,,i quit using it,,,went back to IE.  After getting answers about why couldn't i see rvsue's pics ,,, with IE,,i tried the chrome today, and it works.  One told me he could see them on IE,,like i USED to, but,,for some gawdawful reason,,it stopped loading them.  Sooo,,,moral of this story,,,if i want to see the pics, i have to open chrome.  So i guess i'll open it just for doing that one thing,, and shut it back down again.  I don't have any problems with any other pics on any other blogs.

DDs talking about Wampus Cat hunting,,,,when we were young, we went snipe hunting.  Never did find any,,,Got led around a lot of places,,but no snipes.  But i think i remember my Dad talking about those Wampus Cats,,,

I was watching something on TV earlier,,well, sorta, but it caught my attention.  I think it was Tx Parks and Wildlife,,and they're saying East TX has more black bears now.  Wonder if SS knows that?,,,,lol,,She was saying there's 5 acres behind their new house in Longview that's woods.  I talked to her yesterday and they did sell the house in Lake Worth, and will close on that one, and the new one in Aug.  Just in time to start their teaching jobs.  And i keep forgetting to ask,,what school will he be coaching at.  B told me there's 3 there. 

I just smeared some syrup on that fly strip,,, think that'll work?  Just a drop or 2....

Sitting here yawning,,think i'll go shut my eyes for a bit.  Yall tc, and