Sunday, May 29, 2011

Short and Sweet

yipppeeee, got recent posts and followers back today, still no spell check, nor the add-to thingy on the bottom, but now,,,i have high hopes.

Can't post to DDs yet. Just tried. Goes to sign in, and that starts the circle. I'm signed in already, shouldn't ask.

My bro, G, came by to visit and stayed most of the afternoon. He lives just down the street, like 1/2 block. lol We always have lots to talk about. And always have.

Got out and about for a bit late yesterday. Was the first time since Wed. Too darned hot. Glad to get back home. At least i can move ok now. Only sore spot is where the surgery was done.

Woke up last nite about 11;30 and went to the bathroom,,could hear someone talking. Finally figured out it was the new neighbor 1/2 block the other way, sitting outside and using her speaker phone i guess, cause i could hear a man talking too, and what they were talking about should have sure been private, lmaooo. I just went on back to bed and couldnt hear them back there. She's not someone u want to know, so i'm having nothing to do with her. At least, won't be a druggie place and a sign says sold,,so she mustve bought it. Gotta call G later and see if they were hearing all that. hahahaha

Gotta be short and sweet today, nothing going on, nothing new.