Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Week, End of Month,,,Blue Moon

Waiting on J to show up for my waffles.  He's been trying to drive a standard shift car, which he put in 1st gear and left.  So he's switching to an automatic, not even supposed to be driving.  He just eases around a little, really doesn't do much. 

I've got a stopped up,, almost, sewer line, and i have called my mower man to come and help me.  Left a message, haven't heard back yet.  G has a snake, so maybe we can get it going without me having to call a plumber.  That's all he does,,,use a snake.  And you know how they charge!

Called our mayor a bit ago, and NOTHING has been done about the gate.  I was told they were gonna talk to the man Wed., but they haven't even done that.  I kinda made it clear we were at the end of our patience, so ,,,a couple of more weeks, and we will get back in their face if nothing has been done yet.  We want it finished!!! 

All i've got,,,too,,,so yall tc, and