Friday, November 2, 2012

Catching Up Today

Been trying to catch up on blogs.  Hey BB,,,, where are you????  I know, i know,,no internet there, but,,,,

Talked to J about an hour and a half ago, he still hasn't seen the doc, and was in a terrible mood wanting some pain med.  Was gonna get up and walk, so not to lay there hurting, he said.  I DON'T WANT HIM HOME LIKE THIS,,,,,  A nurse had told him they might have to keep him tonight.  I went over to his house and made his bed up, so it's ready.  It's a hospital bed his dad got him a long time ago after one of the other back surgeries.  That key he gave me came in handy,, lol.  It's to his Dad's house too. 

I just kinda piddled around on my way back yesterday.  I stopped once to fill up the car, and once for a milk shake.  Then, just 15 miles down the road i passed a good looking mexican food restaurant, turned right around and went back.  Got a plate of cheese enchiladas with the fixings, ate a little and brought the rest home.  Got it for later today.  Gonna make some oatmeal for lunch, here in a bit.

Monday nite, out at the lake area, was hearing about a man going around his house with guns in his hands, having a flash back.  His mom was on the phone with 911, trying to calm him down, but she would, then he would turn right back around uncontrollable again.  It went on for about 2 hours and i went to bed.  The DPS had shown up.  Well, they ended up shooting and killing him.  Told him to drop his weapons,,and he raised them to fire.  I just read his obit today, and the family was asking for a change on how these situations are handled here in TX.  He was a 20 year vet, and had an impressive career and life.  This is wrong!!!  I totally agree with the family.

I am so glad to be home,,,that was my last trip staying away like that.  No rest, total exhaustion.  Just can't do that now.  Got a good nite's sleep last nite, feel better, but gonna spend the next few days doing nothing. 

Yall tc, and