Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What i Found Out

Well,,, hells bells! Ain't no quick way to fix my pain. I have to see 2 other docs before i know what will be done. Maybe surgery to fix the problem... maybe that stimulator to take care of the pain.

Not only that, I have to go to Round Rock to see them. One is orthopedic spine doc, other is a psychiatrist. Now, I'm not all crazy,,, yet, but Medicare has to butt in and he's a requirement. Makes no sense to me.

I haven't seen Jude since yesterday morning. Not sure what he's up to, he's done this before. He's a good hunter, so when he gets hungry he'll show up.

Gotta get thru this, America's got Talent is coming on. Not liking Idol or So You Think You Can Dance any more. I think they are closing anyway.

Ok, yall tc, and