Saturday, November 2, 2013

Taking a Weekend Off

Since my son is doing so well, and his fiancée is going to be there all weekend, I stayed home.  I did get a pot of bean soup made a couple of days ago, and cornbread.  Good eating!  Well, I have to have onion with it too,,,lol.

Left to go to the grocery yesterday, and wow, just went on by.  I don't think there was a parking spot left.  That's when I realized,,,day before deer season!  Stations full, traffic thick everywhere, the usual.  I went to my brother's for a bit, then by the time I went back by the store, I could get in.  Just needed a few things, like ONION, for one,,,lol.  Little frozen pizza for supper.  Beat that Taco Bell thing I was headed for. 

I finished a book today too.  I'll drop it off at the library later.  I'm still reading David Baldacci, some of the best books I've ever read.  AND, he has written a lot.  I take one to the hospital with me, and read a lot there.  My dotter has the best idea,,,puzzles.  We could leave them on a table in the lobby and no one bothered them.  I had to laugh, when we got to rehab, someone else had done the same thing.

Somewhere back, I had to put a battery on my car.  It hesitated a couple of times when I was starting it.  That's enough for me.  It was just 2 years old, and he is going to check that out.  Free replacement under 18 months.  HA.  My utility was way down, almost enough to pay for the battery.

I've been setting a few clocks today.  Just to remember.  Main one, the coffee pot timer.

Well, yall tc, and



  1. Finally able to catch up on the blogs I follow. I am so glad to hear your son is doing so good and that you are feeling well.

    Had almost forgotten about deer season!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    May you have a wonderful day :)

    1. Thank you! Had a really good one. Guess any at this age is good. lol