Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Time Games

lol DD, u brought up something else from childhood, tops. Yep, we did those too, got really good with them, but they were wood. Also, I won a yoyo contest one time, was the rage going thru Jr High, probably all schools, but I was in Jr High at the time. Also, had forgotten marbles. Of course, we played for keeps, and if u were lucky enough to find a steel one, u were the bestest. lololol,,,didn't know back then they were ball bearings. Stopped at g/dotter's house last year, and her hubby was just opening a bag of marbles, don't know why he had gotten them. They got down on the floor, poured them out on a rug with a circle, but didn't know how to do it. I told them to start all over, each take like 10 apiece, then put them all in the circle, keeping one for a shooter. What u knocked out, u kept. Then, there was the game using a pocket knife. And yep, Dad taught us this one too. Can't remember what it was called, don't think we played that one for very long. lol,,U spread ur feet apart facing each other, then threw ur knife in between the feet of the other. If u didn't make ur knife stand up, u had to move ur feet closer together, or something like that. U learned to jerk a foot out of the way real fast. Not sure what the object of this game was, but sure remember playing it. Any of yall ever do that one? We'd have the whole neighborhood over when we pitched pennies on Dad's front side walk. And this was when we were adults!! hahahaha, Also did whatever that game was, o yeah, ante over?, one with the ball, hollered ante, the other, over, of throwing a ball over the house, then if u caught it, u all took off around the house, to hit somebody with it, then they were on ur team. Sometimes there would be 30 or 40 of us doing that. hahahahaha,,,Used a tennis ball, mostly. Gosh, that was all still going on even after we were grown, playing these with our own kids. Never a dull moment around this "trouble" family. Guess that's why i missed Dad so much after he was gone.

I played softball about 15 years as an adult. Short stop my fav postion, but mostly had to pitch. It was fast pitch, and after a lot of years using that arm in the underhand pitching, i couldn't throw overhand any more. Everybody laughed when i threw darts underhanded, hahahaha, til they saw how accurate i was. That had a lot to do with my pitching horseshoes and washers. Couldn't throw that ball over the house tho. lmaoooo. Might go across the street behind me. Finally quit when it got to be more work than play. Lots to do behind the scene, and by then both sons were playing too. Took a lot of years for that shoulder to work normally. Dislocated my elbow one time, backing up 3rd, then whirling around to throw underhanded, of course, and fell with my arm back. Got 2 toes broken playing football with the boys, barefooted, and getting them stepped on. Never an injury connected to my motorcycle tho. And i did hill climbing, trail riding, everything the rest did. Hubby called one day, said, come up here,,,why?,,just come up here. so, i finally did. An employee had come to work on a great big honda or something, and hubby said for me to get on that thing and ride it. I said, what??? why???,,,just do it. So, asked how many gears, how to shift and took off, rode around the block. Guess that employee didn't believe i could do such a thing. hahahahaha,, I was 5-2, about 115 lbs. We had one one time, really hard to kick start. I had to stand on the pegs to do it, with the kick stand down. So, here i was, on that thing, and i kicked down and my foot went right off that stick, that thing kicked back right up my shin!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,,HURT!!! When i could breathe, i went home and never got on that thing again without a boot with heels. Also nearly got knocked off getting hit on the lip by a giant grasshopper, going highway speed. Never rode again without a shield. Don't count those, lol.

Ok leaving yall with lots of good thots, lots of good memories. HAGD