Sunday, January 22, 2012

Too Tired to Think

Well, i got some research done about the rivers, access  , and the way i read it, it's illegal to block a public access,,,and a city street is public access.  Printed out some of the reports, just to show in case it's needed.  We want to get others to sign a request for taking that gate down, and that won't be hard...NO ONE knew or wanted that done!  That lock needs some glue in it. hahahaha

Talked to sis N,,and they were into a really bad job.  LOLOLOL,,,Had a dead skunk under the house, all swollen up and putrid, to get out.  Had been under there about a week, she thot.  She said it had porcupine quills in it, so that was wy it sprayed at the end of the house, about a week ago.  She has no idea how it got under the house.  She thot it was skunk proofed a few years ago, when she kept having families living under there.  I'm not gonna let her know how funny i think it is,,,,hahahaha.

My son called just a minute after i got up, asking if he and his gf could come by and make supper,,,WOW,,,sure don't need to ask, far as i'm concerned!,,,I don't know what, didn't ask, doesn't matter.  So they'll be around later, and i'm gonna get a nap in,,couldn't go to sleep last nite, so,,,nap time today.

I still haven't figured out how to save my blogs.  Emailed blogger help, and someone said to go to settings, export,,etc.  BUT, it's gibberish.  lol.  Then sometimes,,it just saves one.  Sure would like to do this, but,,gonna take time, i guess, to figure out how.  That other thing i downloaded, HTTrack, i had to take off.  It wouldnt' work either, or it was me, not able to make it.  Anybody got any ideas?

Might not ever get this done.  Might just be short,,er,,,today.  I've been up and down, doing a few things, like, a load of laundry, using my floor sweeper, and tried to nap a little.  Think i'll call it a day, here.  Yall tc, and