Sunday, June 7, 2015

Got it Done

The adjuster showed up a few days ago, super nice man, looked it all over, wrote me a check that day. Wow. He added on a lot more to be sure everything was covered! When i told him my new sewer line was right by the tree, he even added on 200.00 just in case i had to call the plumber to fix a leak. Everybody is asking,,, " who is your insurance company?"  lol.

The tree service came yesterday and cleaned it all up, totally. They even cut a broken limb down out back and took it too. They left about a 4" stump, because of the sewer line. I hope a tree will grow from the roots left. Gosh, i really need a shade on the West side. I'll get pics later today.

Went out to nephew's for a bbq for his daughter that just graduated. Lots of people, lots of food. Pork, beef, chicken. YUMMMM.

Still in pain all the time if i move. I can limp along carefully, and do what i have to. Not seeing the doc until 7-7!!! The MRI is 6-24, and whatever is needed, let's GET IT DONE!!!

My son's leg has improved enough that he walks on it with a brace that is adjustable, and his body brace. He is driving too. Carefully. Still have high hopes that leg will go back to normal. He's doing therapy, on his own. The one he was sent to was not the one he needed. Or so he said.

I told BB he had already named his cat,,, Damn Cat,,, DC for short. Remember that movie from years ago?

Well yall tc, and