Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Nothing

Like i told DD, i like this cool weather.  We had a low in the 30s, but will warm up good later.  Then back to the 80s by mid week.  I think it's unusual to have the warm weather this late.   The time in San Antonio is gonna be in the low 80s.  lololol,,,Beats the last time,,iced in for 2 days or so.  That was in Jan. tho.  I used half a tank of gas going out to smoke.  That saved me from being iced out of my car tho.  My x liked to have never got his open after sitting there, had about an inch of frozen sheets of ice on it.  I stopped about half way back to get gas, and had just gotten out of the ruts i had been driving in and OMG,,,there was still sheets of ice on the back part of my car, over the gas door.  Had to bang on it and then it fell off in big sheets.  The temp had gotten up to about 32*.    The x and our son had run off and left me,,,when they passed that 18 wheeler going 10 mph.  Took me a long time to try that,,getting out of the 2 ruts, driving across that frozen stuff to the other side,,,(2 ruts).  I got up to 15 mph to pass,,,hahahahaha.  Made it fine, but i was shaking,,,lol.  That truck never slowed down.

I got home and my heater had gone off, so the house was COLD!  It had needed to be cleaned out and after that was done it was good.  All he did was blow out the dust with canned air.  It has all those safety things.

Gotta get busy,,,do a few things. Like vacuum,,,shower.  So yall tc and