Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feels Like I've Been Gone a Week

Gosh, feel like I'm weeks behind, just missing 1 day. Was in Austin all day, got that port replaced, and was home about 6 PM. Amazed how sore i am, all over!!! How did i use all the muscles in my legs and arms? That Palestinian Minister of the National Authority was in the same hospital, thot he had a heart attack while in Austin, n they unclogged an artery and he left the day before i got there, lol. I was gonna sneak a look hehehehe, Like, Yeah. Sure, u know i coulda.

Was so cool this morning i opened windows for a while. Yesterday was supposed to be Austin's hottest day so far this year, but,,i was in and cool. Can't handle that hot weather any more. Used to be acclimated to it, but not now. Worked too long in AC places, and lived in AC homes. Drove an AC car,,,lol,,let's c, anything else? My mother wouldn't run her ac, and you'd go over there, and it would take ur breath away, inside her house, so hot. Saving a few dollars. Told her, i run heat to stay warm in winter, I'll run AC to stay cool!!!

whew,,had calls, ate lunch, now i hafta have a nap!,,bbl

Can someone tell me whyyyy i'm soooo sore?? I don't think i've ever been this sore, and i can't figure it out! Every muscle i have! I'm taking that pain med for that. Might even get that refill. Gosh if i don't i might not be able to move at all. You don't use all these muscles just laying there for a short surgery, so,,,,wth happened? I am NOT kidding, i barely can move. My youngest son laid around the summer before his freshman year, playing video games, even tho my other son kept telling him he better be doing some running, etc. He loved football more than any kid i've ever known. Well, he got home from the first day of 2-a-days, and went to bed, and would NOT get up the next day. Even the coach came by and tried to get him to go up there and get in the hot tub. ,,he couldn't move. I tried everything i could think of, nothing worked. He did not play that year. Well, that's how i feel now. If it's worse tomorrow, (second day) OMG,, i'll have to call 911. Bring meee aaaa bedddd pannnn. hahahahaha

Went to my web site for my cable tv lineup,,well,,since yesterday, it's changed! Tried and tried to find another one i liked, finally just had to settle on one that'll do. When something is working,,,

Wonder if i can drive? Not sure i can even walk out to the car. Guess i'd better stay put for a while. Gonna try the new pain med, see if that helps. lolol,,,it says,,,do not drive. ok, enough already.