Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AND,,,It Was a Wonderful Day

The bar b q went great.  The rain quit about the time I got out there, and by late afternoon the little ones got to have their egg hunt.  It was just a few, 4 or 5.  BUT they sure brought a lot of eggs,,,lol. 
They had an awning set up over the pit, taking no chances.  Gosh,,,that pig is good.  I stayed longer than I had thot I would, but was enjoying it, and no hurry to get home. 

Those weathermen all lie!  Now, it's a high of 70 for a couple of days, not 50s!  Wondering now about the late pm storms. lol.

Js foot looks great today.  He didn't go out to Ws with me Sunday, and I was kinda glad, giving that foot time to heal.  He's doing amazing now.  I still don't know what to think,,,but that low sodium seems to have been his problem since late Dec.  That's when it seemed his back took a turn for the worse.  And,,,that was the first time he was diagnosed with it, they just didn't tell him how to handle it.  He  sees his spine doc on the 12th.

Yall tc, and